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Issue Date: January 2016 Issue

Behind the Scenes

June 2016

By the Numbers
For the June issue, we ate doughnuts and leafed through piles of records.  
Behind The Scenes
May 2016

Style Counsel
Behind The Scenes

Pulling warm-weather inspiration from Pinterest boards, wardrobe stylist Kelley Shaffer set out on a 12-hour shopping spree, canvassing 13 local boutiques and department stores to gather options — jumpsuits, jeans, shoes and accessories — for the looks in this month's "Summer Lovin' " fashion feature on pg. 84. During the 8 1/2-hour shoot at photographer Jeff Downie's studio, she continued to tweak the outfits on set. "It's really not the outfit I'm looking at, it's more of what these pieces are creating overall," she explains. For the Cleveland Flea look, Shaffer swooped in to make a last-minute style switch, swapping a belt out for layered necklaces to add contrast. "Underlining all things I do are the fundamentals and principals of design: form, composition, repetition, contrast, alignment and proximity," she says. "So much of my job is improvising and looking at the image."

To see more from our summer fashion shoot, click here.

April 2016

Path Ways

Our cover story is about Cleveland millennials, including their journey to Northeast Ohio. Here's how our millennial staffers wound up #InTheCLE.

Maria Amador, 29
Manila, Philippines: Solon: Twinsburg: Cleveland Heights: Twinsburg: Shaker Square

"I moved to Shaker Square to be closer to work and where I like to hang out. But now that I'm on my own, I better start learning how to cook my favorite Filipino dishes."

James Bigley II, 30
Nashville, Tennessee: Truro, England: Virginia Beach, Virginia: Medina: Brunswick: Medina: Seville: Akron: Hinckley: Shaker Square

"I haven't left Ohio because I got this swell job. This will be my first summer spent living in the city."

Sheehan Hannan, 24
Califon, New Jersey: Wheaton, Illinois: Chico, California: Nadi, Fiji: Las Vegas: Cincinnati: University Circle

"Cleveland is the first place where it feels like I have the opportunity to build something of my own."

Sam Twarek, 27
Marblehead: Kent: Chautauqua, New York: Gastonia, North Carolina: Charlotte, North Carolina: Cudell/Edgewater: Ohio City

"I never know where I'm going or what I'm going to be doing next. Sometimes that makes me feel adventurous. Sometimes it makes me feel nauseous."

Kim Schneider, 34
Brooklyn: Parma: Brunswick: Streetsboro: Delaware: Kent: Stow: Lakewood: West Park: Tremont

"I live near Barrio and have a five-minute work commute. Now if only I could get a bigger backyard. #lifegoals"

Kelly Petryszyn, 26
North Royalton: Kent: Chautauqua, New York: Kent: North Royalton: Shaker Heights: North Royalton: Lakewood
"I have an official moving crew called my family after moving three times within the last year. I'm getting married and moving again, so some boxes remain unpacked."

February 2016

Anger Management

DURING THE CLEVELAND BROWNS Jan.3 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, ending a 3-13 season, we asked frustrated fans to take our quiz to express their rage against "The Factory of Sadness."

Behind The Scenes

January 2016

By the Numbers

Follow the link to map out the origins for some of the beans and leaves from our coffee and tea guide "Some Like It Hot."

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December 2015

Photo Vault
Behind The Scenes

For this month's "Then & Now" feature, documentary photographer Angelo Merendino headed to spots such as the Higbee Co. Building and West Side Market to take pictures of historic photos in their present-day space. He talks to us about his travels, history and more.

CM: What was the most challenging part of the shoots?
AM: Having a photograph from many years ago and trying to find something that connects it to now, even if it's just the line of a window frame or something in the background, has been challenging.
CM: What was your favorite location?
AM: The West Side Market was the most fun because I went to stands and talked with people. It's interesting to get a history lesson just from being there.
CM: How did this assignment fit your documentary style?
AM: Those photographs were made, and here we are years later looking at them. Maybe 50 or 60 years from now, somebody will look at the photographs I made, and that will be some kind of reference to Cleveland long after I'm gone.

November 2015

By the Numbers

For this issue, we ate our fave dishes, met Cavs players and spent time with Samaria Rice.

Behind The Scenes

October 2015
Behind The Scenes
Trolling Around

THERE ARE HOURSLONG DEBATES, hundreds of combined miles logged and several overfull tummies that went into choosing this year's "Best of Cleveland" winners. To vet our 72 editors' picks, we slurped down Crop Kitchen's beef udon noodle bowl, raised our glasses to newgrass band Honeybucket and pedaled around on Cleveland Public Library's book bike. For the latter, assistant editor Sheehan Hannan strapped on a helmet and took an indoor spin. "It's like a tricycle in reverse," he says. "I can't imagine anyone would want to actually ride it any serious distance, because it only has one gear. Or maybe I just need to exercise more." Meanwhile, associate editor Kelly Petryszyn was reminded of a forgotten childhood dream when she spotted the Tracey Opera troll doll wearing a black evening gown and a baby pink feather boa at the Troll Hole museum in Alliance. "I used to comb her bubble gum pink tresses into a bun and pretend she was me in the future as an actress," she says. "That didn't happen, but hey, I got paid to don a troll wig and write about it. I think I'm doing OK."

September 2015
Behind The Scenes
Lasting Love

WHILE THE JUNE 26 U.S. Supreme Court ruling to legalize same-sex marriage inspired our "Love Reigns" feature, the 10 same-sex couples moved our local photographers just as much. Marc and Tony Photography, Manda Wakeman Photography and Harrison Photography gifted each couple with photos shot at locations that held special meaning for them. For Wakeman, who is giving her couples all the images for free as well as an 8-by-10 print to frame, it was a heartfelt decision. "I often look back at [my] wedding photos, and the feeling I get never goes away. [It's] just pure happiness," Wakeman says. "I hope that when these couples look at the photos I took for them, they feel a similar sentiment."

Behind The Scenes
Behind The Scenes

August 2015

Gym Heroes
Behind The Scenes

July 2015
Behind The Scenes
Symon Says

FOR THIS MONTH'S Michael Symon story, managing editor Kim Schneider walked the streets of New York City's West Village with the Iron Chef, stopping at his favorite NYC pizza place, coffee shop, cheese shop and butcher. She also learned a few new things about the man we thought we knew so well.

He doesn't like raspberries. "I hate those little fruit buggers. They make my mouth itch. I hate it when they put raspberries with chocolate desserts. It literally makes me angry."

He's a fan of Nashville's food scene. "A lot of the Southern cities I really enjoy because the food is so regionally specific. When we do the Nashville [Music City] Food and Wine Festival, the first night we go and get their famous hot chicken. It's the one place you can get it, and it's so damn good."

He's pro Polish Boys. "Whenever people ask me about a Cleveland sandwich, I push the Polish Boy harder than I can ever push anything else so it would catch on. I think it has a little bit, but people never think of a Polish Boy like they think of a Chicago dog, and they should. It's truly a Cleveland dish. I've never seen it anywhere else."

June 2015
Behind The Scenes
Cool Shot

Throwing an April 23 garden party presents challenges — like 30-degree temps and more than a half an inch of snowfall. But thanks to a warm-blooded model (Ann King of Borrow Rentals), a chilly associate editor (me), a dedicated associate art director (Sam Twarek) and a resourceful photographer (Casey Rearick), the pictures at the Cleveland Cultural Gardens in this month's "Summer Fun Guide" look like a sunny oasis. With 60s and 70s temps just days before, I wore a peacoat, thin socks, open-top shoes and no gloves, so my fingers and toes quickly froze stiff. But King donned only a black sundress, a sheer blouse, flip-flops and a wide-brimmed hat, so we ran her a coat between takes. By the time Rearick made the wobbly ascent up the ladder for the tablescape shot, us girls were shivering so much we had to run around for warmth.  

May 2015
Behind The Scenes
Key Turn

While researching this month's "Resting Place" feature on Lake View Cemetery, associate editor Jason Brill and I witnessed beautiful architecture, manicured horticulture and the surfeit of history. But what gripped us the most was the gargantuan, medieval-looking Garfield Memorial key in the console of Lake View director of community outreach Mary Krohmer's car. The roughly 2-pound bronze key is locked up every night, along with 80 other mausoleum keys, in the cemetery's archival vault. "We don't go in [the mausoleums] all the time," says Lake View president Katharine Goss. "Once or twice a year we go in and make sure everything is clean and there's no cobwebs."

September 2014
Behind The Scenes
Private Schools
Behind The Scenes
Behind The Scenes

July 2014
Behind The Scenes
Trail Blazer
You can't camp in the trailer that appears on our cover — but that hardly matters. "We knew we wanted a small, vintage camper," says design director Kristen Miller, "but weren't sure where to find one." Enter Rocky River antiques dealer Mitchell Sotka and Hingetown district developers Graham Veysey and Marika Shioiri-Clark, acquaintances who spotted this 1978 Serro Scotty parked on a Valley City Craigslist post, bought it and revamped it. "For probably four weeks, on nights and weekends, we were in there with hot glue guns and paint," Veysey recalls. The trailer now hosts artists and business owners who use the space as a pop-up shop. It's also available to rent, which Cleveland Magazine did, lugging it down to Atwood Lake for the shoot. "It was perfect," says Miller, "with a splash of aqua and a lot of kitsch."

June 2014
Behind The Scenes
The Wild, Wild Bluffs
As photo intern Sara Sevek and I scouted for winged creatures for this month's "Wing Nuts" with biologist John Pogacnik (right), we were shocked — and more than a little afraid — to learn the Lake Erie Bluffs is home to coyotes. But Pogacnik assured us that the wild canines weigh just 30 pounds, and he made sure to point out the coyotes' droppings throughout the park. "They're more afraid of us than we are of them," he told us, explaining coyotes prey on rabbits and squirrels. We weren't particularly calmed by his logic, but felt a tad safer that he was there to protect us from the coyotes in case of a sighting. // Cassie Neiden

May 2014
Behind The Scenes
Photo Shot
Sometimes unusual tactics are necessary to capture emotion on camera. When photographing Arthur Chu (center) for this month's feature (pg. 112), Jeff Downie and his team asked the Jeopardy! champion to recite a monologue from Handle With Care, an Actors' Summit play in which Chu starred. "Just like that, he snapped into character," Downie says. "Within moments, I was shooting a completely different person." To mimic throwing a TV, Downie had Chu toss a pillow across the studio. "He threw the pillow as hard as he could, and he almost knocked [makeup artist] Maggie [Kleinman] clear off her feet," Downie says. She was OK, so we'll chalk it up to Chu wanting to maintain his villainous Jeopardy! image.

April 2014
Behind The Scenes
Man vs. Food CLE Edition
Thanks to procrastination and various deadlines, I only left myself one week to attempt the three food challenges for "Fare Trials" in this month's Dish section. During that week, I endured a self-inflicted bitten lip (a momentary setback that editor Steve Gleydura live tweeted as if it were the Super Bowl), earned a pretty cool soda jerk hat, discovered some tips on battling brain freeze, and learned that if you feel like you might throw up, you should smile. That last little nugget came from associate art director Sam Twarek (left), who accompanied me on all the challenges, capturing all the necessary — and often gory — photographic evidence. He saw me at some low moments. "I was sick to my stomach pretty much the entire time," he told me later. // Jason Brill

March 2014
Behind The Scenes
National Reading Month
Interns Sara Sevek (left) and Megan Murray braved frigid temperatures over three days to capture 13 Midwesterners with their noses buried in books for this month's Shelf page. "A lot of people spend their time on their phones or tablets," says Sevek. "It seems like not many people are reading for leisure or pleasure anymore. The people we did find [reading] had something similar to say: It's healthy for your brain."

February 2014
Behind The Scenes
On the Cover
Main Street Cupcakes co-owner Sarah Forrer toted 18 cupcakes, including the bakery's top-selling strawberries and pink Champagne and classic chocolate with pink vanilla buttercream frosting, to this month's cover shoot. "We frosted the cupcakes on set and added sprinkles with tweezers," she says. "We even analyzed the crinkles in the cupcake wrappers." While the shop offers customers treats for any occasion, it was Forrer's color-coordinated 21-month-old daughter, Hadley, who took the cake for cutest creation. "She got a hold of the sprinkles, and there was no looking back," Forrer recalls. Main Street Cupcakes, which has locations in Hudson, Rocky River and Medina, will open its fourth spot Feb. 4 in Chagrin Falls.

January 2014
Behind The Scenes
Cleveland Magazine's Most Interesting People Party
Gather the city's most intriguing citizens around an open bar — as we did at this year's annual fete, held at Aloft Cleveland Downtown — and they become even more fascinating. We learned that before 55-year-old Lance Rice, an autistic beer historian, departed on his national brewery tour, he'd never spoken to a stranger. We discovered singer-songwriter Antoine Dunn took two hours to get ready for the party. And we found out assistant editor Jason Brill has "really soft hands," according to comedian Ricky Smith (pictured here with his date, Tiffany Sloan). Smith, who has been spreading Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere, certainly knows about extending a helping hand.

December 2013
Behind The Scenes
Kent State University's Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative
Creating a 3-D map of our downtown living options for this month's cover story was as complex as any construction project. "The large files cause my programs to crash!"says Julie Whyte, a graduate fellow at Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative and member of the three-person team who reviewed building footprints and plans, then drafted several versions of the detailed cityscape using multiple software. "[The map] will capture an important moment in time for Cleveland," says Terry Schwarz, the CUDC's director, "when housing demand in the downtown area is strong and growing stronger."

November 2013
Behind The Scenes
 Sam Twarek / Associate Art Director

Twarek traveled throughout Northeast Ohio to photograph six delicious burgers for this month's cover story, starting on pg. 88. "All of the burgers looked and smelled so good, but I was happy to pawn them off on office mates," says the vegetarian. So it's no surprise Twarek preferred the 15 nonfood items he photographed for "A Handmade Tale." "My favorite things to shoot were the doughnut warriors," he says of The Republic of Cute sculptures. "It was like playing with little green army men toys, setting them up in different battle arrangements — except instead of men it was an angry mob of fork-wielding doughnuts."

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