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Article Archives
Additional Online Content

  • 35 Years In the Making
    Our December issue catches up with your favorite character and looks back through how we covered the city during 70s, 80s and 90s. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:
  • A Car-Free Life: The Test Drive
    By Andy Netzel
    Cleveland Magazine writer Andy Netzel drives an average of 2,000 miles a month despite living only a mile and a half from work. He’s addicted to his car, but agreed to part with his keys for a month to see if he could make it without his Toyota Yaris. 
  • A Whole New Ball Game
    A benefit isn’t what it used to be. Sure, there’s still great food, cool entertainment and lots of glitz. But there’s a new generation of fundraisers in town.
  • Back to the Garden
    Afi-Odelia E. Scruggs
    Maurice Small is a man with a message: Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and grow what you eat. A green thumb since his father taught him the basics, Small now takes this and other lessons to city dwellers whose access to fresh foods has become increasingly rare.
  • Beer Me, Boys!
    By Amber Matheson
    Power hours and hours at the Rock Bottom Brewery
  • Can Anyone Save Slavic Village-?
    Andy Netzel
    Once thought of as an up-and-coming neighborhood, Cleveland’s Slavic Village has become identified with a few horrific crimes, including the death of a 12-year-old named Cookie. Now, it’s on the brink with nearly 14 percent of all homes there vacant or abandoned, drug crimes up more than 400 percent and residents who are afraid to leave their homes at night.
  • Crashing JFK’s Inauguration
    Mary Zunt
    When they were college students, future Cleveland city councilwoman Mary Zunt and future congresswoman Mary Rose Oakar sneaked into John F. Kennedy’s snowy inauguration — and his speech inspired their lives’ paths.
  • Creativity to Spare
    Lynne Thompson
    A retired carpenter finds a way to use his passion for art to give back to Cleveland.
  • Dead Serious
    Mary Ann Winkowski is the basis for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character on the CBS drama “Ghost Whisperer.” We talked to her about where her televised supernatural world ends and her real one begins.
  • European Elegance
    Colleen Mytnick
    Juicy Lucy brings fashion from across the pond to Cleveland
  • Going Solo
    Lynne Thompson
    Soon after Channel 3 named Romona Robinson the lone anchor of its weeknight newscasts, we talked to the beloved broadcaster about what the move means for her, the station's viewers and the future of the city’s TV news landscape.
  • Guinness Nook
    Lee Chilcote
    Bocce inside a bar? Stone Mad, Pete Leneghan’s twist on an Emerald Isle pub, has been years in the making, and promises to give the Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood a taste of its Old World roots.
  • Latin Beat
    Review: Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar
  • Marlin Kaplan
    Interview by Beth Stallings
    Since 1993, chef Marlin Kaplan has opened five Cleveland restaurants and closed three. Ten years after launching the elegant One Walnut downtown, the native New Yorker is celebrating the first anniversary of Luxe, a quirky and relaxed Detroit Shoreway spot that is this year’s best new restaurant.
  • Music Lessons
    As John Gorman recounts the glory days of “The Buzzard” in a new book, we talked to the former WMMS 100.7 head of operations about his monster rock station, the state of traditional radio and the changing face of how we consume music.
  • Secret Identity
    Erick Trickey
    You may already know that two Glenville High School students created Superman here in the 1930s. But Brad Ricca delved into the origins of the two teenage creators for his film Last Son, a documentary that revisits the city and times in which Siegel and Shuster lived. It explores tragedy and unearths long-forgotten influences that show how the iconic superhero the world knows today as the Man of Steel was forged by the Cleveland of their youth.
  • Stephanie's Great Adventure
    She's either self-actualizing or driven by raw ambition. Either way, the county prosecutor is on a roll.
  • The Celebrity
    By Lynne Thompson
    Anti-aging guru Dr. Michael Roizen isn’t out for fame and fortune. No, the Cleveland Clinic doctor wants you to take control of your health.
  • The Girl Next Door
    By Colleen Mytnick
    Monica Potter is one of us. So much so that even after relocating to Los Angeles and starring in movies opposite Robin Williams and Nicolas Cage, she moved back to the Cleveland neighborhood where she grew up. But walking away from Hollywood was nowhere near as easy as she made it look. This month, she’s back with a new series and the role she’s been waiting for her entire life.
  • The Missionary
    By Erick Trickey
    Dennis Kucinich is running for president — again. Seriously. But the talk-show punch lines and complaints he can’t win only feed his enormous self-confidence. He says he is Cleveland’s message to America. But is Dennis the message we want to send?
  • The Reconstruction of Bruce Drennan
    Andy Netzel
    Four years ago, it was over: his career, his influence, his life as we knew it. Bruce Drennan’s louder-than-life sports-talk persona lay buried under the debris of an FBI gambling sting that landed him in federal prison. A comeback was the last thing on anyone’s mind — except his
  • The Rookies
    Cleveland Browns first-round draft picks and buddies Brady Quinn and Joe Thomas talk to us about being roommates, losing locks and bringing a championship to Cleveland.
  • The Un-Blues
    Andy Netzel
    If you haven’t heard Kristine Jackson belt out a tune, you’re missing the local music scene’s next rising star.
  • Z
    Jeannie Roberts
    He knows struggle. He knows hard work. He wants to win as badly as we do. Here’s why a 7-foot-3 Lithuanian is as true a Clevelander as any of us will ever be.
LIVE Cleveland
A la Carte
Arts and Entertainment
  • Boss Fan
    By Jim Vickers
    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum presents the first major exhibit examining Bruce Springsteen’s four-decade music career and his ascent from the Jersey shore to worldwide fame.
  • Fact and Fiction
    Andy Netzel
    Shaker Heights native James Frey rises above the controversy surrounding A Million Little Pieces in a truly Cleveland way.
  • Family Ties
    By Anne Hartman
    Playwright and Lakewood native Michael Tisdale connects with families of fallen Marines through their stories
  • Marking Time
    Lynne Thompson
    The writing of Mark Twain continues to fuel actor Hal Holbrook’s long-running one-man show.
  • ‘Tube’ Stop
    Jim Vickers

    Prepare to be sucked in. 
Don’t blame us when the 
dog goes hungry while 
you waste the day 
watching YouTube. And while you’re there, check out these homegrown videos.

  • Caught on Tape
    You don’t’ want to be on the business end of Carl Monday’s microphone. As the television sweeps period arrives this month, we talk to the city’s veteran investigative reporter about the finer points of chasing down a story.
  • Drum Solo
    Jim Vickers
    He’s known best as The Office’s Dwight Schrute, but this month Rainn  Wilson takes on his first comedic lead as the jilted drummer of a Cleveland hair-metal band in The Rocker
  • Mood Music
    Jim Vickers
    Jim Brickman has sold millions of CDs, sang a duet with Kermit the Frog and toured with Donny Osmond. This month, the Shaker Heights native comes home for a Dec. 26 holiday concert at Severance Hall.
  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Lynne Thompson
    Scott Hamilton is no stranger to Cleveland. Every fall, he returns to host a benefit for the Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Institute. Now he’s back as an analyst for NBC’s coverage of the U.S. Figure Skating Championship at Quicken Loans Arena.
  • Preview: Out of Thin Air

    More than 50 years after the Cleveland National Air Race’s famous flying machines, Mike and Ike, disappeared, Karl Engelskirger and Tom Matowitz are bringing them out of retirement.

  • Shaq vs. Cleveland
    Jim Vickers
    Shaquille O’Neal has a knack for turning big challenges into reality TV. Well, roll the cameras because the NBA’s original Superman could help with some of our civic issues.
  • The Rachael Way
    She wowed America’s daytime culinary queen. Now, Jenn Thomas hopes the EVOO encorsement will help her take her creations public.
  • This Will Be on the Test
    By Erick Trickey
    The city’s hottest political blogger, the brain behind Political Science 216, thrives on scandal and fights predatory lenders with a Blues Brothers-inspired move. We have just one question: Who is he? 
  • Tinseltown, Meet Rust Belt
    Erick Trickey
    Esquire writer Scott Raab takes on Hollywood as only a native Clevelander can. We talked to him about his new book and found out why Sean Penn and Bill Murray are the celebrities most likely to fit in here.
Chef Talk
Editor's Column
Cover Story
Kids A-Z
  • Critical Sinking
    By Jim Vickers
    Plain Dealer music writer Donald Rosenberg covered the Cleveland Orchestra for 28 years. That is, until his critiques of Franz Welser-Möst apparently unseated him from the prestigious role. What happened along the way gives a rare look at two powerful institutions and raises the question of what it means to be a critic.
  • Home Restoration Guide
    Lindsey Hoeppner
    Ready for Rehab?Tips for buying and restoring your own piece of history.
  • Life According to ‘Big Chuck’
    Interview by Dave “Coondog” O’Karma
    Charles “Big Chuck” Schodowski made us laugh as Ernie “Ghoulardi” Anderson’s sidekick. He later picked up laughs with Bob “Hoolihan” Wells and “Li’l” John Rinaldi. As his memoir, Big Chuck!, arrives, we talk to the late-night movie host about his 47 years on television.
  • Miller’s Dining Room
    Admit it, those sticky buns on those silver trays are what you miss most about this Lakewood restaurant.
  • Shopping with Kim Crow
    Colleen Mytnick
    If you read her style column in The Plain Dealer, you already know how fabulous she is. She’s pretty — not perfect. She splurges — within reason. She realizes that a good outfit makes you feel great, but won’t change the world. She’ll tell you what to wear to look your best — on a budget. She’s just like us, and we can be just like her with a little help from the Wednesday paper.
  • Singles File
    We’d like to introduce you to two of this year’s Cleveland Magazine sexy singles. But you’ll have to come back Feb. 1 for a full conversation (and to meet the other 18).
  • The City List
    Previews of favorites from Andrea Vecchio, Michael Ruhlman, Austin “Walkin’ Cane,” Robert P. Madison and Lillian Kuri
  • The Fries That Bind
    Andy Netzel
    The cooks at St. Mary Romanian Orthodox Cathedral consider it an average night when 500 people show up for Friday dinner (the record is 920). Their Lenten fish fry — one of the oldest in the area — is as much family tradition as it is annual fundraiser. It’s just one of the dozen we visited last year for this guide to where you should dig in this month.
  • The Last Word
    Interview by Michael D. Roberts
    For 38 years, he’s been Cleveland’s voice, its greatest storyteller and its common-sense conscience. Now, as he retires, Dick Feagler looks back on his writing life and the history he witnessed.
  • 70 Dishes That Remind You of Home
    The comfort of home cooking isn't just found in your mother's kitchen anymore. Family favorites such as meatloaf and mac and cheese have made their way into Cleveland restaurants making it easy for us to indulge in class meals anytime we want.
  • … And I’m Abby Ham
    By Colleen Mytnick
    Wake up. Flip on the TV and that’s what the striking blonde with eyes like you’re never seen before will say. Soon enough, you’ll find out she’s funny, she’s fresh and she’s new in town. But what’s the scoop behind the woman soft enough to cry on TV, yet hard enough to push her way to a fire scene? And what is it about her that’s helped make the new morning show at Channel 3 a ratings winner?
  • Best of Cleveland 2015
    Laura Adiletta, Kathy Ames Carr, James Bigley II, Jason Brill, Roxanna Coldiron, Steve Gleydura, Sheehan Hannan, Matthew Merchant, Cassie Neiden, Kelly Petryszyn, Sarah Rense, Kim Schneider, Madeline Smanik, Dillon Stewart, Lauren Swanson and Sam Twarek
  • Call of Duty
    By Lynne Thompson
    High school quarterback, college student-body president, Marine with two tours in Iraq under his camo belt, freshman state rep who knocked on almost 20,000 doors to get elected — yeah, that’s Josh Mandel, and he’s only 30.
  • Real (Amazing) Estates
    Colleen Mytnick
    The lowliest of our Top 250 homes is worth just more than $1.5 million. From there, the value soars to $8.5 million. In between you’ll find elevators, infinity pools and houses 10 times the size of the one you live in.
  • The Govertment Springboard
    The Editors
    Pity not the altruistic souls who toil for peanuts (compared to top jobs in the private sector) working in local government. The best of the punch are able to jump from these posts to top-paying positions elsewhere.
The Complete Kucinich
Lake Effect
  • Magic Treehouses
    Be a kid again with tricked-out treetop escapes planted in the Cleveland Botanical Garden this summer. / by Kaylyn Hlavaty /
Public Square
  • Xmas Tale
    We tell the real story behind Thirsty Dog's 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale.
  • Bar Gazing
    Jay Casey
    After fantasizing about making it in Hollywood, you’d think working parties with guests Steve Martin, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Connelly and Kenny G would be a windfall. Instead, it proved just how far away dreams can be.
  • Making the Perfect Pie Crust
    Marilou Suszko

    A great pie needs a perfect crust. What’s the secret to making one? Practice, practice, practice! And there’s no time to get started like the present. Use this online baking tutorial to

Special Sections
  • Escape Plans
    Lynne Thompson
    Here's how three homeowners turned their backyards into elaborate outdoor spaces to entertain friends and family.
LIVE Cleveland
  • Central
    Karen Fuller
    A new place to call home
  • Downtown
    Karen Fuller
    The Soul of the City
  • Fairfax
    Karen Fuller
    Welcoming Growth and Stability
  • Glenville
    Karen Fuller
    Culture Grows in Glenville
  • Hough
    Karin Connelly
    A Renaissance Story
  • Ohio City
    Christina Phillis
    Past Mingles with Present
  • Real Cleveland
    Myra Orenstein
    We've got baseball, music and Lebron. But we've got so much more, too. Find out what else makes our city shine.
  • Tremont
    Katie Seminara
    Boutique Heaven
  • Tea Time

    Danielle DiBenedetto serves fresh T-shirt designs in cleverly packaged tea bags.

The Dish
  • Raising the Barn
    Laura Adiletta
    Urban Farmer may be playful, but it's on a serious mission to keep everything it serves as close to the source as possible.
Web Extra

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