Coastline Bowls

Best of Cleveland 2016: Pitaya Bowl

Dive into Coastline Bowls' exotic fruit dish filled with hot-pink pitaya, granola and fruit from the West Side Market.

Crepe Cake

Best of Cleveland 2016: Crepe Cake

With around 30 delicate layers of crepe and filling, Ninja Sushi and Hibachi takes the cake for most intricate dessert.


Best of Cleveland 2016: Bubbles

Entertainer and former magician Dr. URawesome's free-floating soap bubbles are larger-than-life.

Egg Art

This Isn't Your Everyday Easter Egg Art

Arriving at the Massillon Museum this month, Art 360°: Contemporary Art Hatching Across Ohio features 48 painted or sculpted ostrich eggs.

Best of Cleveland

The Weekender: 5 Things to Do Oct. 14-16

Celebrate civic pride with our Best of Cleveland party, sip banner beers around town and more ways to ring in winning weekend.